What is happening in those awkward silences?

Should you stay in therapy once the crisis that brought you there has passed?

How does talking help, anyway?

What if the answers to these questions took the lid off a well of wisdom that could change all of us?

Starting Therapy is a guide for anyone interested in the process of therapy, either as a new client or just considering the possibility of starting regular therapy sessions.

It takes you on a journey through your own thoughts and feelings as you process what it means to ‘go to therapy’ and what it means to enter into an ongoing relationship with a therapist.

You are suffering. Something in your life is not working. And it is causing you pain.

Or at least a lurking feeling that something isn’t right. That’s why you’re here.

That’s why you’re beginning (or thinking about beginning) therapy.

You want a change. You want life to be better.

Starting Therapy guides the new therapy client through the often mysterious world of psychotherapy.

Alison suggests questions to ask of yourself and your therapist and proposes ways to get the most out of your therapy. Starting Therapy is a comforting and accessible introduction to self-understanding and transformation through psychotherapy.

Available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.




Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Thinking about starting

Why you might enter therapy
Is it time to begin therapy?
Is psychotherapy effective?
Finding a therapist

Chapter 2 – Starting

Shame and Stigma
Advice for starting therapy
Poetic Aside: Why people are scared of therapy

Chapter 3 – The Basic Set-Up Of Therapy

The end of the session

Chapter 4 – Digging In

Cultivating Change
How therapy helps us change
Poetic Aside: What It Feels Like To Change
The Unconscious
Your relationship with your therapist
Our Development
Difficulties in therapy
Should you stay in therapy once the crisis that brought you there has passed?

Chapter 5 – Final Thoughts

Complementary Practices
What is emotional health?