Psychotherapy For Individuals In Downtown Toronto

Most of us are used to getting things right.  When emotional or relationship problems hit it can feel destabilizing.  The good news is that there is a field of professionals whose job it is to facilitate growth through these painful periods.  My practice focuses on Toronto professionals and executives.

Psychotherapy helps by:

  • Providing a place to talk things out with another intelligent person who is not invested inyour daily life;
  • Providing a place to express thoughts and feelings that may not be easily expressed to others in your life;
  • Increasing self-awareness.

The Process

To determine if we are a good fit, we can have either a phone or in-person meeting to talk about what you are looking for and to get to know each other.  There is no charge for this half hour consultation.

In this consultation, if we decide to work together, we will determine a regular weekly time for your appointment.

In our first regular session I will have a lot of questions.  I will want to hear what has brought you to therapy in detail.  And I will have questions about your past experiences and your life right now.  

During the first few sessions we tend to get the lay of the land.  How you and I will work together, what the problems are, how they might be addressed.

From there, you and I work together towards your goals.  You come to the session and we start where you are on that particular day.  Whatever is on your mind - that is where we start.  You will find that we get where we need to go by following your lead.

The starting point for therapy as I practice it is relational.  You and me working together.  As we get to know each other we can use many different tools from my training including:

  • Coaching based on cognitive behavioural therapy and positive psychology
  • Body work based on trauma theory, somatic therapy, and yogic principles
  • Mindfulness and meditation

I may also suggest complementary work with other health care providers.  

I am a big proponent of open and honest conversation and welcome your thoughts and feelings about the process at anytime.

Therapy can take anywhere from one session to years of work.  The length isn't about how troubled you are - the length depends only on how deeply you want to work. You are always the person who choses what needs to be explored and to what depth.  I will provide feedback about the process when you ask.

Together, we’ll figure it out.

Types of people I work with

I work with a wide range of people - I have clients in healthcare, the arts, academia, law, and business.  My clients range from their early twenties up into their 60's.  My practice is evenly divided between women and men.

Although my practice contains a wide range of people and I enjoy the diversity, I often attract high achievers or "Type A" people.

Professionals of all sorts have pushed hard in life to get to where they are.  When emotional difficulties arise, therapy can be extremely effective at helping to readjust to new circumstances or figure out a new course.