This is a baby vulture. What do baby vultures eat?

Vulture parents store parts of the carcasses they scavenge for themselves in their throat and regurgitate it back in the nest to feed their babies.

These impressive creatures are literally made of death.

Why am telling you this on a website about psychotherapy? 

I am telling you I will go all the way with you. Life is challenging. Any authentic healing or change starts with the impression of death.

Job loss, divorce, loss of a loved one, illness, miscarriage, bankruptcy, breakup of a friendship…. these events and many others can bring us into crisis.

These events can bring us into hell.

And these events can bring us face to face with ourselves.

Whatever patterns we learned as a young child become amplified when we hit a crisis as an adult.

And what worked as a child may not longer be working for the adult.

We might have learned to withdraw, shut down, withhold, attack, control, devour, or disappear.

This may take the form of addiction, despair, hopelessness, anxiety, depression, or isolation.

As your therapist I bring all of my training and life experience to bear on helping you to grow through the challenges that life presents.

I will be a listening ear.  I will help you identify and break through patterns that aren’t working for you.  I will help you heal emotionally and spiritually.

I believe that transformation is possible.

It takes a long time and a deep commitment to yourself to change patterns acquired over a lifetime.

And the rewards of that commitment are always unexpected and overflowing.

So together we eat death and we live.