Help a non-human animal that you love feel better.

I offer healings for non-human animals to help them:

  • adjust to transitions

  • cope with anxiety

  • heal from physical ailments

  • pass from this lifetime with ease and purpose

Animal healings are done remotely - I provide an audio recording that you can play for your animal every day for a week.

The cost is $50 CAD + HST.

The Vision

The animals we love are often sensitive and face challenges with transitions.

Healing can help them relax and feel safe.

It can also help us as their guardians as I retrieve specific information to help you help them.

We never know what the results of a healing will be but people usually experience deeper peace and clarity whatever the outcome.

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Alison is empathetic, intuitive, and actively listened to our dog’s needs. We were worried about our dog because we had recieved complaints from neighbors of her crying when we left her alone at home. We decided to reach out to Alison to help with our dog’s behavior. We recieved audio clips catered to our dogs needs. We were amazed by how focused and interested our dog became when we played the audio for her. Since playing the audio, we have not recieved complaints!! It was a unique experience for us, but we are so glad we did this! Thank you so much, Alison!
— K.M.
Our cat is doing really really well! Since you did the healing and I’ve been playing it for him, he’s been coming out to see us more and has been generally better settled. So, whatever you did, it worked!

I also really took to heart your words about him being old and needing time to change. But most especially about him needing his own space. I moved my office around and I bought him a bed that’s just for him today, but even just in the interim, once I moved my office around he could get to a box he likes to sleep in and he’s been in there sleeping most of the time. Overall, really good.

Thank you so much. We are very happy to have our snuggly boy back again.
— T. D.

About Me


Alison Crosthwait

My first word was “cat”. Animals light me up. It is the most tender and joyful work to be able to help an animal in their life with their human guardians. Our animals teach and guide us and depend on us for care. I bring my training as a therapist and a spiritual healer to the work that I do with our dear little ones.

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You send me your animal’s name, species, age, photo and a bit of information about what is happening for them.

I will journey on their behalf for information and healing. I will send you information that I receive as well as a short audio recording for you to play for them every day for at least week.

The audio recordings are based on the information I gain during the journey and often include a modality called Kriyavaspata which is a channeled healing modality downloaded by the Seer Almine. The modality works with sigils and is quite unique and powerful.

The reading will arrive within three business days of purchase.