developing a spiritual connection for therapists


Develop a personal spiritual connection without dogma, appropriation, or bypassing

Three 1:1 sessions

I have space for six people in summer/fall 2019.

$450 CAD + HST for Canadian residents. (approximately 345 USD and 275 GBP).

The Vision

Psychotherapists help their clients and themselves towards expanded awareness and insight.

Spirituality is also about expanded awareness and insight.

More and more us psychotherapists understand that our work is embodied and we study somatic practices and modalities to support ourselves and our clients in our work.

Grounded spiritual practices are also very much embodied and connected to the natural world.

We are more connected to everything than we have been conditioned to experience.

Spiritual work unblocks energy and restores power.

Spiritual work can help therapists hold more, feel more, and leave their work rejuvenated.

Spiritual work can help therapists in their own healing journeys addressing areas that psychotherapy cannot.

Spiritual work is complementary to the work of psychotherapy and psychotherapy is complementary to spiritual work. There is a fullness to the way they work together.

Recognizing our connection to nature and allowing this energy to flow through us is deeply satisfying and liberating.

Through connecting to our own power even more fully we embody who we are and our clinical work (and every area of our life) flows.

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The Challenge


Religion has often focused on dogma rather than a personal connection to spirit. And dogma has been used to control and abuse. For many of us this approach has become unpalatable.


I am a white woman whose connection to the land my people severed in favour of colonialism. I am responsible for learning and listening and being a part of reparations to indigenous people especially those of North America where I live. I am also responsible for dismantling systems of oppression.


Spirituality is not just about light - shadow work is required.

Shadow work involves the messiness of the body and the emotions - it involves bringing our whole selves forward. It is only shadow if we don’t allow it - everything is part of creation. It is all important.

Repressing the “dark” is ungrounded and unsafe.

It is complicated and risky to step out and speak about spirituality. And yet so many of us feel a longing. The interest is building. Our clients are speaking about this in various ways. We want to explore, renew, refresh…. we know there is more.

And yet we don’t want to return to the religion of our youth.

We are uncomfortable with the white appropriation of colonized lineages especially for profit.

And as therapists we know intimately the dangers of denying the so-called negative emotions in favour of love and light.

About Me


I’m Alison Crosthwait and I am a psychotherapist, writer, and healer uncomfortable with each of these words at some level. I am ever evolving - questioning, thinking, expanding, letting go, allowing. I have moved from a managing director in financial markets to psychotherapist in private practice to this new phase of my incarnation where untamed and tamed interface in ever new ways.

I help therapists expand and healers ground. I bridge health care and spirituality and run The Cove Healing Centre in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada which helps people address their concerns at all the levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

I have helped hundreds of clients relieve their anxiety, open their hearts and have more compassion for themselves and others evolving into more and more of who they are on the inside.

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Three hour long 1:1 sessions with me spaced about 2 weeks apart over Zoom. This will give you an opportunity to integrate our work between sessions while maintaining momentum.

Session 1

We will get to know each other and I will meet you right where you are.

We will open our time together with ceremony to establish the container and welcome spirit.

We will develop your healing intention for our work and a daily practice to support this. This gives us focus on what you want to create and heal. We will develop a daily practice that works for you so you can see the power of this work as it evolves.

We will connect with a spirit guide who can help you and you will learn how to work with this being.

Customized daily practice between sessions 1 and 2

Session 2

A healing based on what is happening for you in your healing journey right now. Examples include Soul Retrieval, Clearing, Heart-Opening, Release of Abuse/Trauma, Discovery of Purpose. You will get to experience the power of working alongside spirit towards your intention.

Customized ritual to be done on your own between sessions two and three to ground and expand the healing received.

Session 3

We will check in with where you are and what you need and may do another healing.

We will do a journey with the intention of envisioning next steps.

I will create a customized list of resources to consider for next steps and/or we will talk about where you are being led.

We will talk about ways to support your clinical practice through your practices and experiences our work together.

I am sharing these details so you have a sense of what you can expect. We will go at your speed and I will explain everything as we go. This is a co-creative process between you and me and all those other beings who support us.

The cost is 450 CAD + HST (where applicable). Payment plans available - please contact me.

This package is designed especially for for psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, and social workers.

Email me at if you have any questions - I am happy to talk further about this work and what is right for you right now.

Join Me

I believe that spirituality is really just about opening ourselves a little wider and receiving what is right there to be found. And I believe we can connect with spirit, ourselves, and the land without dogma, appropriation, or bypassing.

In this work we let go of more of who we have been told we are and we become more of who we are. Our power flows through freely and the world changes as a result. It starts with us.

This is the journey we will go on together in Developing a Spiritual Connection.

I want a world where we all know the beauty of being alive and live powerfully every day.

As we do our work our energy flows into the world. It is so beautiful.

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