AUGUST 1, 2019


Begin the process of letting go of anxiety that is not yours

1 Hour Online Healing

Thursday August 1, 2019

8-9pm EST

Recording Available

$30 CAD

The Vision

I believe we can feel safe in the world.

I believe we can feel secure.

I believe we can have enough.

And we can have it while supporting others to also have enough.

We can have enough and earn our livings with integrity and open hearts and generosity.

I believe we can shed what we have been taught about our worth and our security and face what is real.

I believe we are strong and creative and can face reality and make good choices.

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The Challenge

We carry the anxiety of our parents and our parents’ parents in our bodies and our hearts.

We carry our low self-esteem and one of the ways it manifests is through our relationship to money.

There are very real financial challenges, inequities and systemic injustice.

To face this we need to do our work.

We need to know our worth.

About Me


I’m Alison Crosthwait and I am a psychotherapist, writer, and healer uncomfortable with each of these words at some level. I am ever evolving - questioning, thinking, expanding, letting go, allowing. I have moved from a managing director in financial markets to psychotherapist in private practice to this new phase of my incarnation where untamed and tamed interface in ever new ways.

I help therapists expand and healers ground. I bridge health care and spirituality and run The Cove Healing Centre in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada which helps people address their concerns at all the levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

I have helped hundreds of clients relieve their anxiety, open their hearts and have more compassion for themselves and others evolving into more and more of who they are on the inside.

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Upon registration you will be asked to write your anxieties and your desires. Expressing your anxieties and releasing them to me is a powerful act of intention that helps shift the energies.


We will meet on Zoom for 1 hour from 8-9pm EST on Thursday August 1st.

The call will be recorded and is equally effective live or on replay.


During the call I will read all of the anxieties (with any personal information removed) aloud and collect them energetically.

Then I will gather them and release them to spirit in the way I have been taught by my teachers and guides.

Opening to Abundance

Then I will bring our desires to spirit and ask for them to be fulfilled. (This is a straightforward sentence for what is a subtle process. I do not believe there is a separate spirit that grants things outside of us - we are interrelated. There is, however, guidance and healing available to us when we ask The process of healing is often the process of expansion in perception and experience.)

I will use some sigils (symbols that contain magical power) to open our hearts to receiving abundance.

Receiving Guidance

We will do a group visualization where we visit our future selves and find out what they have to say to us.

More Information

This type of healing is very powerful. It moves limiting beliefs about yourself and your potential. This is not always comfortable. You may experience strong feelings after the healing. Know that this is all part of the process.

This type of healing is not the end of the road. It is a step on the journey. I will provide additional resources for next steps. This healing is an opportunity to begin to shift the energies that are blocking you.

Email me at alison@alisoncrosthwait.com if you have any questions.

Join Me

I believe a lot more is possible for us than many of us expect.

I believe these blocks contribute to the status quo on the planet.

I believe the work of healing our financial anxiety is the work of healing the world.

When you feel safe and resourced you can bring those resources to others.

I believe there is great power in bringing our anxieties to spirit and releasing them.

I believe you can do this.

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