Shift your relationship to money.

I use magic to help ambitious women bust through blocks. If you are already engaged in personal development and have an area you are ready to put in the furnace of transformation I petition the spirits on your behalf and help you with major shifts in your finances.

The Vision

There is so much more happening than what most of us can perceive with our five senses.

Everything is indeed waiting for us. Everything.

What if you didn’t have to wait for massive change?

What if it could happen in one fell swoop?

Just by asking.

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The Challenge

When we ask spirit for what we want spirit gives it to us in the form it chooses.

Often asking for healing requires that we heal our wounds more quickly so that we can bring our gifts to the world in the way we are asking to do - i.e. having abundance, love, etc. This can hurt.

Asking for what we want involves a leap. It involves surrender to the wisdom of life.

This takes courage.

Not just anyone should ask.

And each of us knows deep inside if we are called to this life. This life of shedding and leaping and transformation.

If this is you - I would be thrilled to help you.

About Me


Alison Crosthwait

I was a trader and researcher on Bay Street for fifteen years. I was stressed out, drank way too much and made a huge amount of cash. I felt lost. My relationships were hell.

It could have been so much fun. But I wasn’t aligned. I hadn’t done my work. I put all my worth into my income and title.

Over the years I worked with a psychotherapist sorting out some of the baggage I carried. And I became a psychotherapist myself. Life handed me a tragedy and it propelled me beyond therapy and into another world with a different kind of sense. An understanding of life beyond what we see with our eyes. For more details see my influences here.

I work with highly capable and motivated professionals who understand that their personal patterns are holding them back. My clients want unique, dynamic help that can be strategic and coaching-like in one moment, psychological in another, and when we hit a roadblock we can’t jump over we call in the spirits to clear what is blocking us with shamanic healing.

Times are changing. Millenials are leaving church and finding astrology and crystals. Mental health challenges are coming out from the shadows. I practice on the cutting edge of what we know about trauma, neuroscience, relationships, somatic patterns, mindfulness, alchemy and spirituality. I search out teachers of all kinds to learn about healing and bring it to my clients so they can feel better faster.

And my favourite work is with women who know what they want, see their blocks and are willing to take the leap and let them go. It's magic.

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There are three ways I do this work.

  1. Group Healing Financial Anxiety Calls

    • 1 hour, $30CAD+HST

  2. Individual Session Work

    • 50 minutes $175CAD+HST or 75 minutes $260+HST

  3. Magic Package

    • Three calls with in-between work, $500CAD+HST

Option 1: Group Healing Calls

I offer these themed calls on a regular basis. They are one hour long and involve an intense clearing and healing of financial anxiety and blocks. The cost is $30 CAD + HST.

Enter your email address here to be notified of upcoming group healings.

Option 2: Individual Session Work

Blast through a block.

In one session you will:

  • Get exact clarity of what block(s) you need to remove

  • Clear whatever is available to be removed at this particular moment in time

  • Receive guidance from spirit about where you are right now

  • Ideas for next steps and integration

Individual session work involves a conversation about what you want to achieve and the blocks that are keeping you from it.

I then petition the spirits to remove these blocks through a process known as extraction.

We can also obtain guidance from spirit, retrieve spirit animals or guides and/or raise your vibration with energy work depending on your unique needs.

Individual sessions cost $175CAD+HST for 50 minutes and $260CAD+HST for 75 minutes.

Option 3: Magic Package

This is a deeper shift because we do it over time which allows us to call on deeper powers on your behalf.

Three half hour calls.

First Call: Gain clarity on what you want and the blocks in your way

Then I go and do ceremony on your behalf. It could involve trance work, channeling, spells, magic, shamanic work - whatever we decide together is right.

Second call (7-15 days after the first call): Check in on what is happening for you. I report back to you and share what messages I received. I also give you a ritual to ground the work in you.

Third call (one month after the second call). This call is to explore what has happened in the past month and how it relates to the work that we did. We also talk about integration and next steps.

The magic package costs $500CAD+HST.

Join Me

I believe a lot more is possible for us than many of us expect.

I believe these blocks contribute to the status quo on the planet.

I believe the work of healing our financial anxiety is the work of healing the world.

When you feel safe and resourced you can bring those resources to others.

I believe there is great power in bringing our anxieties to spirit and releasing them.

I believe you can do this.

Questions: email

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