Developing A Spiritual Connection For Therapists

Developing A Spiritual Connection For Therapists


Three hour long 1:1 sessions with me spaced about 2 weeks apart over Zoom. This will give you an opportunity to integrate our work between sessions while maintaining momentum.

Session 1: We will get to know each other and I will meet you right where you are.

We will open our time together with ceremony to establish the container and welcome spirit.

We will develop your healing intention for our work and a daily practice to support this. This gives us focus on what you want to create and heal. We will develop a daily practice that works for you so you can see the power of this work evolves.

We will connect with a spirit guide who can help you and you will learn how to work with this being.

Customized daily practice between sessions 1 and 2

Session 2: A healing based on what is happening for you in your healing journey right now. Examples include Soul Retrieval, Clearing, Heart-Opening, Release of Abuse/Trauma, Discovery of Purpose. You will get to experience the power of working alongside spirit towards your intention.

Customized ritual to be done on your own between sessions two and three to ground and expand the healing received.

Session 3:

We will check in with where you are and what you need and may do another healing.

We will do a journey with the intention of envisioning next steps.

I will create a customized list of resources to consider for next steps and/or we will talk about where you are being led.

We will talk about ways to support your clinical practice through your practices and experiences our work together.

I am sharing so you have a sense of what you can expect. We will go at your speed and I will explain everything as we go. This is a co-creative process between you and me and all those other beings who support us.

This package is designed especially for for psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, and social workers.

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