Working together we can help you…

speed up the flow of energy in your life

remove negative and stuck energies

gain clarity

feel lighter

move towards purpose

resolve situations more quickly

open your heart

receive messages and guidance

receive support in the form of spirit guides

restore lost parts of yourself

discover the sacred in sexuality

learn tools, practices, and rituals to move forward, clear negative energies, and create connection to spirit

infuse your work and relationships with spirit

contribute to healing on the planet

How It Works

Spiritual healing can be done in person or at a distance on the phone or online. It may involve me energetically or physically placing my hands on you or it may involve me connecting with spirit on your behalf.

Before the session begins we talk about what you want to achieve and I suggest the practices that I think will best address your needs. I am trained and initiated in a number of different lineages. See my influences here.

Depending on what you are looking for I might suggest a series of longer sessions to give us time to do some deeper protocols to address what you are facing.

I always suggest that physical, emotional, and mental work is done alongside spiritual work and can make suggestions as the need arises.

This work can be profound and can result in dramatic shifts in a short amount of time. I suggest that you leave time after your session and in the days following to integrate the work. I will give you more suggestions in our session.

After our session I continue to offer you healing in my daily practice for six months.

Sessions are $150CAD + HST for a 50 minute session and $215CAD + HST for a 75 minute session.

Contact me with questions or book online below.