Everything we say is a fantasy

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I don’t mean that everything we say is meaningless.

I don’t mean that everything we say is untrue.

I mean that everything we say and think is constructed in deep collaboration with our unconscious.

It is all a work in progress.  Emerging. A blend of what we “mean” to say and all of our experiences which lead to perceptions.

As a culture we have many shared things that we like to say.  This gives us the illusion that we are saying “something”. Something objective and true.

Everything we say is a fantasy.  

I am sure you can think of a person in your life for whom this idea is obvious.  They take everything personally, or see a particular brand of injustice everywhere.  

They’re not wrong.  (Wrong is an interesting concept).  Their lens is strong and you can see it.

With careful attention to language, body, energy…. one can come to sense this more and more deeply.

With everyone.

With experts on television.

With work colleagues.

With the people closest to us - this is usually the hardest.

You can come to see the momentary anxiety that must attach to something.  The longing or grief covered over. The anger explained away. The need expressed in conventional adult terms like “I need a break”.

You can come to see it in yourself too.  The way we create a web of ideas that relate to a pretty defined set of primal states.

My whole history is in this sentence.  I can’t hide it from you. I am laid bare in every sentence.  We all are.

If we can let go and admit that our beings express themselves as they will and that we are not in control nor are we in full knowledge of ourselves we can live.  When we fight it we’ll run into blocks over and over again.

I have always connected through words.  I am coming to experience that this is truly only one way.

I am saying less, feeling more.  

It’s not an easy experience and it feels true.

The feelings, while often very sad or frustrating are very very true.

And I can’t help but pray that we all speak with our hearts and love this world into something new.

Alison Crosthwait