Realizing the way out of stag-nation, the state of bondage, is living the spiralling journey of integrity and transformation.
— Mary Daly

I will support you through the fire of transformation.


Many of the following offerings enhance each other in combination. Contact me for help in choosing the best combination and timing.




Woodbridge, ON, 25km North of downtown Toronto

The Cove offers physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing through one on one and group healing work. We offer acupuncture, psychotherapy, massage, etc.

We also offer healing intensives that combine modalities and involve an intense commitment over 2 or more weeks which allows for significant transformation in a short period.

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fifty or seventy-five minutes each, private, in-person or online

These are one-on-one healing experiences that engage body, mind, heart, and spirit. In these sessions, we immerse you in different healing modalities depending on mutually agreed intentions, and in a manner that brings benefits whether it’s a single session or a series. Before our first session, I will ask you to answer questions in writing or on a recording. When we meet, I will take you in energetically, intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. As you share more about what you are experiencing, I will respond with reflections and healing suggestions. We might talk and gain insight and bring patterns to light; we might move our bodies with exercises or dance; we might share stillness; I might offer spiritual or energetic healing. I may suggest practices or exercises that you do on your own or in preparation for our next session. I may also suggest other healing work that is beyond my scope of practice. My intention is to hold the whole picture of who you are and help you move towards what you long for. Healing sessions offer profound transformation, clarity and acceptance. They take place at my office in midtown Toronto, ON, or online.


A three session package where I help you develop your personal spiritual connection without dogma, appropriation, or bypassing. We develop a simple daily practice for you and work towards a personal healing intention that meets you right where you are.



fifty or seventy-five minutes, private, in-person or online

Working together we can help you remove negative and stuck energies, gain clarity, feel lighter, resolve situations more quickly, open your heart, and receive messages and guidance. These sessions address the spiritual and energetic layer and can effect powerful change very quickly. Click below for more details.

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five weeks, online group course

This live, virtual course explores what it means to really change. How does change actually happen? The course begins with a guided process to articulate your desire for change. Over five weeks you will learn about how we change—physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Alongside the learning we will look at our intentions for change in light of what we have learned and experiment with new practices and approaches and see what happens….

Participants can combine the course with healing sessions for an even more transformative experience (see below to learn about healing sessions).



On August 1, 2019 I am offering a one hour online healing for financial anxiety.

five weeks, online group course

This course applies healing techniques from psychotherapy, coaching and spirituality to your financial concerns. It is ideal for those who believe their psychology is part of what makes money difficult for them. It is not for those brand new to personal development work or in search of specific financial advice.


SeLF-PACED Courses



six modules online, including video, audio, reading, and exercises

This course helps people deepen their therapy through experiential exercises and a greater understanding of the therapeutic process. It is ideal for anyone currently working with a therapist.

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I work with adult individuals and couples with diverse challenges, including relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, lack of meaning, and a general sense that something is missing. What unfolds is unique for everyone. The relationship between therapist and patient can be life-changing—my journey began here. As a new patient, we would meet weekly for 50 minutes at my office in midtown Toronto. For established clients, I work online as the need arises. My private practice is small and availability is limited.


I am an integrationist trained psychodynamically. I work intuitively, bringing together diverse theories and perspectives to help therapists enliven and work even more effectively with their patients. I love to support therapists in developing their strengths. I have completed the requirements of the CRPO to be a supervisor. I do supervision in person in Toronto as well as online.