To feel alive is a practice.


The Journey

Usually we come to the healing journey in crisis. Loss, death, divorce, addiction—something is too painful to be ignored.

Our worth, our hope, our belief in ourselves—some or all of this is challenged. We get stuck in our patterns, and the pain is unmanageable. We seek help—and this is our expression of hope.

We start to look honestly at ourselves. It feels endless. Rarely do we believe things will really change. We have to challenge ourselves. Probably for a long time. Then one day, it comes … We are free.

How we get there is different for everyone. But there is a cliff, and once we fall off it, we are free.

We still cry and rage. But the energy moves. It doesn’t stick. Now we know we are valuable and wanted and here. In this phase, we are creating our lives as we want them, moment by moment.

No longer bound by our patterns, we see them as they arise and we let them go. We understand that healing never ends. And we understand that caring for ourselves first is the most loving thing we can do for anyone or anything.

I am a healer, psychotherapist, and thinker.

I explore widely in different healing practices and ways of thinking. Drawing from all of these, I curate for and with each client the combination of experiences that will help them heal deep wounds and sustain a sense of aliveness. I believe that to heal and feel alive is a lifelong practice that needs to be as open and dynamic as aliveness itself. Learn more about my approach

Where to Begin


Writing About Therapy and Change

I am an advocate of brave process toward self-understanding and deep change that lasts - change that gets at the structures of ourselves.

I explore that process in conversation with clients, friends, colleagues and in my writing.

It’s a conversation which looks deeper, discovering oneself, others, finding what is possible for all of us.

I invite you to join me and explore those possibilities here through my writing, which is regularly updated.

Healing Sessions

one-hour each, private, in-person or online

These are one-on-one healing experiences that engage body, mind, heart, and spirit. In these sessions, we immerse you in different healing modalities depending on mutually agreed intentions, and in a manner that brings benefits whether it’s a single session or a series. Before our first session, I will ask you to answer questions in writing or on a recording. When we meet, I will take you in energetically, intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. As you share more about what you are experiencing, I will respond with reflections and healing suggestions. We might talk and gain insight and bring patterns to light; we might move our bodies with exercises or dance; we might share stillness; I might offer spiritual or energetic healing. I may suggest practices or exercises that you do on your own or in preparation for our next session. I may also suggest other healing work that is beyond my scope of practice. My intention is to hold the whole picture of who you are and help you move towards what you long for. Healing sessions offer profound transformation, clarity and acceptance. They take place at my office in midtown Toronto, ON, or online.