35 reasons to enter therapy


1. You are serious about living a good and meaningful life and are grappling with what that means.

2. You have started a new romantic relationship and want it to go well.

3. You have started a new job and want it to go well.

4. You are stuck on one event or relationship and keep ruminating about it over and over.

5. You see yourself repeating the same patterns in your romantic relationships and don't know how to break the cycle.

6. You can see that your success is limited by a trait in yourself - a fear, a worry - something stands in the way of your growth.

7. Your relationships at work are having a negative impact on your job performance.

8. You get a performance review that raises questions of how well you work with others.

9. You want to deepen your meditation practice.

10. Despite continued attempts you cannot quit smoking, reduce alcohol consumption, or lose weight.

11. You have more to say than family, friends, and colleagues have time to hear.

12. You have tried all the self help books but have ended up back in the same place.

13. Your spouse is overwhelmed by supporting you through this phase.

14. You find yourself feeling outside your life - not fully present - something has changed and you are not sure what.

15. You feel stuck in an important area of your life and don't know how to move forward.

16. You are having difficulty dealing with your in-laws and don't want it to negatively impact your marriage.

17. You have more to do than you can possibly accomplish and can never seem to right the ship.

18. You find yourself irritable, angry and sometimes even tearful at home or at work or both.

19. As a parent you worry about how your stress is impacting your children.

20. As a parent you worry about repeating your parent's mistakes.

21. As a step parent, you struggle with how your spouse and his or her ex are parenting the kids - and you wonder what is at stake for you in this dynamic.

22. You have suffered a loss - a death, a divorce, a job.

23. Your relationship is in turmoil and you can't decide if you should stay or go. And how to proceed in either case.

24. You have trouble focusing.

25. You have trouble being alone.

26. You have trouble being with others.

27. You have one or more unexplained physical ailments and wonder if they may have a psychological connection.

28. You or someone you love has a chronic or terminal illness.

29. You are a caretaker for someone with a chronic or terminal illness.

30. You are struggling with infertility.

31. You want to kick an addiction.

32. You want to get healthy.

33. People say you talk too much.

34. People say you are emotionally unavailable.

35. You are attracted to emotionally unavailable friends and lovers.