We start small. Living cells, microscopic.

That grow into infants, children, adults. Lovers, warriors, thinkers, sufferers.

Big forces that start small.

Everything starts small.

The change we seek starts with a glimmer.

Calling a therapist, coach, friend, or mentor and saying, “help me change this.” That’s the glimmer.

“I don’t want to break up or anything.” Answering an inner question with an assertion that covers it up. That’s the glimmer.

How often we ridicule these growing sprouts with, “Everything is great”, or, “I’m sorry for crying so much,” or, “I feel so ridiculous talking about how much I love my garden.” Or with endless talking about the details of our lives. Or with the many escapist avenues open to us.

We can learn to see the glimmer and we can learn to see the ways we keep it down and we can begin to foster the growth of the new things in us.

Those big dreams for yourself, for those you love, for the world.  Those big dreams happen with small starts.

And the start is you.

The change you are seeking is happening.

The seeking is the change. Change in its small form. As it all starts small. Perhaps not yet even visible. But close.

Maybe tonight or tomorrow or the next day you’ll be able to see that it is growing.