Therapy School is open! Click here to learn more and to enroll. This is the time when marketing wisdom says I should list all the benefits of the course and what you will get at the end.

But of course, like therapy, I can’t promise or define what you will get.

How can I be clear and still honour the complexity of being human?

How can I offer something of value while not making promises regarding outcomes?

How can I describe what I have created, a course that I believe contains tremendous value, without sounding like I am a salesperson?

Why is it so bad to be a salesperson?

Why is it so difficult to ask for value in exchange for providing value?

As I have mulled and ruminated it has become clear to me that these are also the questions of therapy. These are the questions that represent the subversiveness of therapy in our culture.

Therapy is an investment in a process with an uncertain end. Except that when it really comes down to it therapy deals in the only certainties we have - the fact of our lives - our birth, our life, and our death. And the fact of the lives of those people and beings all around us.

And therapy can’t make any promises because life doesn’t make any promises. And therapy is about life.

Therapy is also a transaction. A financial transaction that contains the ability to question what money is there for in the first place. It is a transaction that holds the fallibility of the exchange.

This is subversive because so much in our culture rests on the idea of outcomes and certainties delivered in exchange for money.

Yes - in this post, my marketing plan would have me outline all the problems this course solves, the outcomes it obtains, what you will achieve, etc.

I can’t say these things. What I can say is that this course will stimulate you. It will facilitate something new. It will address you at multiple levels and engage you in your therapy in a new way.

I can say that it isn’t for everyone but that if it calls you, if it piques your interest - explore it. There is some great stuff in there.

On a personal note, this course is the work of mourning. It is the work of creativity as an integral part of my response to loss. It is energy, my own vitality, made into something. It is not perfect but it is some-thing. I hope it is something to bump up against, to experience. And I hope it is something that does good work in the world.

The idea of Therapy School is to help therapy clients settle into their therapy. To expand, prod, and hold their process. It was born out of my fantasy of what would help my clients. And it was born out of my experience of what happened to my therapy when I learned a bit about it.

Next week I will be back to my usual way of writing - without an event to talk about - we’ll see what my unconscious cooks up.

Until then, enjoy exploring the course. The course is entirely self paced - once you enroll you have lifetime access.

The incubation is over and this production is now in the world. Instead of me talking ‘about’ it, it is now yours.