I had coffee with a friend yesterday and she let me say something new. I think she’d been wanting to hear it for a long time. I took my time to get there. She let me do that. I think she loved me the whole way through. I might tell you all what I said someday soon.

But for now I’ll say this.

After I had been in therapy with my therapist, Kim Herbener, for five years I said to her, “I love you.” I wondered aloud why it had taken me so long to say that. So long to express my feelings and be vulnerable with the person I trusted most in the world.

Her response, “It takes time."

The way she said it I knew she knew this from the inside.

And it does. Simple things that we dismiss today become the profound experiences of tomorrow.

We’re not after complicated ideas and understandings most of the time.

We’re working towards being present with ourselves moment to moment.

We’re working towards being a part of it all through our presence.

Gather in your protests and see them as part of the road.

Part of you.

Stay with yourself and the work.

And then stay with it some more.

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