What if there was an emotional olympics? What if there were events for vulnerability, dependency (the optimal health kind), open-heartedness, emotional expression, and secure attachment?

What if peak performance meant something internal as well as external?

What if we held the emotional competitors with awe and esteem?

What if we couldn’t get enough of hearing about their training?

What if children held them up as role models?

What if emotional champions sponsored our cereal?

What if governments supported the trainings?

What if emotional activity was understood to be as crucial to health as physical activity?

What if children were introduced to emotional growth in school?

What if cities went billions of dollars in debt to host the world as it competed in inner strength, capacity, and character?

What if television sponsorships for the emotional events were worth millions?

What if emotional growth was all we could talk about for three weeks every four years?

What if emotional champions spoke at keynote speeches and wrote memoirs?

What if the champions had grey hair?

What if living a good life from an inner perspective rather than an external one mattered more to our culture?

What if we knew that how we are with each other creates the world?

What if we valued opening our hearts, even when it hurts?


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