How do we move on after a loss, a disappointment, a trauma? How do we do this? I think the moving on language is pretty problematic. As if when you get to the next stop on your trip, the previous stop remains forgotten.

In fact I can’t think of a good analogy for moving on in any kind of realistic way. We always take the next step informed by what has come before.

When we talk about moving on from an unhealthy relationship or a big loss I think what we often mean is entering a period when the feelings around the event are not overtaking our lives. When we are not tortured anymore.

We probably often mean - take this away! Make me as I was before!

We will never move on entirely. Especially from losses. We will have lost our loved one, our job, etc. always.

But we do continue to live. And live well. Sometimes.

They key is that both exist: Loss and Abundance. Both. When loss overtakes us we have to be like that for a while. And then there comes a time when we have a choice whether we will let abundance back in.

We can foster abundance and nurture it. While also allowing the loss to live.

What happens when loss and abundance meet each other?

I imagine these two walking along the beach together. I imagine that the results are the creative work of a lifetime.

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